Every single gym claims to be different, but do any actually deliver? Or, are they just the same type of coach teaching the same type of workout that leaves you in an endless loop of boredom and stale progress?

Our mission since we opened in 2011 is to be the first gym to truly be run differently across all forms of our member experience.

For starters, your workouts are structured for six weeks at a time, not random. Your first 12 weeks of nutrition are mapped out for you. You’ll have a custom-built progress app, three locations, five daily specialty classes, the most educated coaches in town, and a dedicated program just for beginners.


Performance360 Pacific Beach Gym PSC Class

Proven Fitness Principles
You’re program is built on science, not sideshows. You’ll lift weights, slam ropes, swing kettlebells, pull and push your bodyweight, jump on and over objects, sprint, move laterally, and have your skills progressively challenged and developed in all of the major barbell lifts. No gimmicks. We’ve spent eight years refining what works and discarding what doesn’t.

More about our main PSC program.

6-Week Cycles
Where most gyms employ a random approach that leads to unpredictable results, here, you will follow 6-week training cycles in our PSC program designed for specific strength, conditioning, and body composition outcomes.

More about about our structured, not random approach.

Dedicated Beginner Program
Brand new to this stuff? Our PHASE 1 program ensures that all new members start off with progressions that keep you safe and ensure you reach goals.

More about PHASE 1.

The program consists of roughly 40% strength training, 40% circuit training, and 20% muscle-focused body composition training. That’s not a marketing gimmick, that is our actual weekly breakdown. This means your fitness will be in balance of looking better, performing better, and feeling better.


Performance360 Nutrition Coaching

12-Week Starting Path
After joining, you’ll receive a free 25-page eBook that maps out your first 12 weeks of sustainable nutrition, not crash dieting.

With three certified nutrition coaches on staff, you’ll never have to wonder what to do with nutrition again. Food selection is the single most important variable in changing your body. While most gyms ignore that and leave you to fend for yourself, we include it free for all Performance360 members the day that you join.

More about our nutrition programs.


3 Locations
With 3 beach locations and 13 daily class times, your fitness goals are never more than a short drive away.

  • PB – 0-5 min.
  • OB – 0-5 min.
  • Clairemont – 9 min.
  • La Jolla – 10 min.
  • Little Italy – 12 min.
  • North Park – 14 min.

Class Options
Never get bored again. You’ll always have in-house options to pursue new goals with our renown PSC program and four specialty classes to go along with it: OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING, MUSCLE, PRIMAL, and KETTLEBELL CORE.

More about our class options.


Performance360 Pacific Beach Gym

Educated Coaches
You’ll have the right amount of attention without being smothered. Our staff is highly educated, passionate, and gives a damn about your success.

More about our coaches.

Custom-Built Progress Tracker
You’ll have free access to our custom-built Personal Progress Tracking smartphone app. Your data and progress are always within arm’s reach in clear, easy to read graphs and breakdowns.

View our iPhone app, here.
View our Android app, here.


Our Fitness Purpose

Fitness means different things to different people, and strength shows itself in many forms. What you’re chasing is not something we hope to influence, what we’re hoping to change is how you perceive the gym.

Less about fitness time for fitness goals, and more about unlocking new life opportunities through the strength that you will develop here.

How can you use what you learn inside this room to improve your life outside of it. Ultimately, everything that you will do here is about connecting deeper to your sense of self and confidence, and showing the world who you really are.

Strength inside the gym will sharpen your life everywhere and you will become a more confident version of yourself in your work, relationships and whatever roadblocks life throws your way.

You will Become More.