Where are you from and what brought you to San Diego?
I grew up in North Carolina. I visited San Diego for the first time in January 2019 and it was 65 degrees and sunny. I sat on the beach in awe and cried (no shame). Decided to move that day.

What do you hope to accomplish with your coaching?
I just want to show people how capable they are. I want everyone walking out of each class with a sense of accomplishment.

What should people expect with your coaching style?
I give out some tough love. I might ask you to move a little faster or add another 10lbs but I’ll do it with a smile.

What are your personal philosophies with fitness and nutrition?
I’m always proud, but never satisfied. Don’t beat yourself up in the gym or with nutrition but keep striving for more.  Also…eat the damn doughnut.

What local food are you crushing and what are you ordering?
My guilty pleasure is Sunday sweatpants and takeout from 55 Thai Kitchen. Pad Thai and extra noodles if I’m feeling crazy.

What’s a fun fact about yourself people would be surprised to learn
Can’t swim or catch a ball but I’ll do a handstand on anything.

Professional Education:

  • P360 Fully Certified Coach (FCC), Level 1
  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America, CPT
  • StrongFirst Kettlebell 
  • International Sports Science Association, GFC