Quick announcement before we get to the Daily Challenge and Surf n’ Turf.  P360 is organizing a team for the Del Mar Mud Run on October 15th and our goal is to get 20 members to do it with us.  Even though all of you are in good shape, we want you to know it’s all fitness levels.  Let’s show San Diego who a) the best gym is and b) who has the most fun. Here is the direct link to register for our team, and we also have the sign-up list on the whiteboard in the gym.

To register:

  • Click the link and choose “Join Unlimited Team” and “Team Member” and follow the process.
  • Select “Performance360” as the team from the drop down when you get there and pick the 11 am start time.
  • Then, you’re done!


Good morning, guys.  Already Wednesday huh? Sounds good to me!  The name of the game this week is to continue to work off the indulgences of the long holiday weekend.  Yesterday’s a good “warm up” to the week and got a good sweat going and today we’re adding to it.

Today’s workout really focuses on strengthening and toning the shoulders, as well as a little bit of aerobic capacity training.  We also have some very quality strength training options should you choose to go low-rep on DB bench and BB row.

Here’s today’s Surf n’ Turf…



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