#42: The Evolution of Our Churn & How We Reduced Churn Over 8 Years

In episode 42 of the Business of Lifting Weights Podcast we lay out the evolution of our churn % and what major events have caused both a reduction and an increase in our churn percentage. Churn % is the white elephant in the fitness industry that no one wants to talk about. Here are our numbers and what we’ve done to reduce monthly average churn from 6.80% to 3.50% now in 2019.

Topics, Resources & Show Notes:

  1. What secret the fitness industry is trying to hide
  2. Why we had high churn when we had our lowest prices
  3. Growing pains & why our numbers suffered while providing more to our members
  4. Why marketing 1-on-1 attention may be a negative aspect
  5. When the most effective coaches (owners) Dave & Bryan came off the schedule, churn reduced…..what explains this?
  6. Why a Foundations Program failed miserably and what successfully replaced it
  7. Why a focus on the coaching staff translated into a better experience and lower churn
  8. The effect of Structured Programming vs. Constantly Varied training
  9. What has had the most impact on the reduction of churn % over our 8 year history

Churn Snapshot:

2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Avg. Monthly Churn % 6.80% 5.40% 4.20% 4.60% 5.40% 5.05% 4.93% 4.30% 3.50%

To see the diagram of our churn % evolution and reasons why, click here.


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