#41: 8 Traits to Look for When Hiring Coaches

In episode 41 of the Business of Lifting Weights Podcast we take review our actual characteristic list we review our potential hires to determine if they are a good fit. While this initially started as the hiring process, it quickly developed into a discussion on how these traits ended up affecting how our entire business operates, shedding some light on how much global impact this initial phase has on the gym.

Topics, Resources & Show Notes:

  1. Why having a physical list to grade candidates is much better than a subjective interview
  2. New Coaching Candidate: Key Traits (Click to View)
    1. Desire to Be Here
    2. Ownership of a Room
    3. Public Speaking
    4. Coachable and Team Oriented
    5. Can Communicate & Relate to All Levels
    6. Self-Awareness
    7. Looks the Part
    8. Clear Purpose & Personal Vision
  3. How coaching candidates have a much larger impact on the business than you might think

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