#39: We’re Back! What We’ve Been Doing in the Last 18 Months & Why It’s Important

With an 18 month hiatus from the podcast, we’re back with some exciting new developments on the business front. We lay out what we’ve been doing over the past 18 months and why it’s important to your business. From opening our 3rd location to how long it took to become profitable, it’s all part of the reason this 3rd location represents something different and larger than opening our first gym.

We provide some important insight into this new location and disclose some important numbers about the operation of the business including

  • How long it took to be profitable in the new location
  • Our churn %
  • Membership numbers and growth
  • Revenues

We also discuss the change in the fitness landscape that’s happening right now, what internal challenges we’ve struggled with, our process for creating coaches and assistant coaches and lastly some big operational changes we’ve implemented with their effect on the gym.

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