2 Ways to Tell Better Stories

Social media is incredibly powerful tool if you leverage it properly. By no means do I consider myself a social media expert, someone could in fact come in an pick apart how our social operates, but I can tell you that the following have been a stead part of our posting over the past six years and have worked incredibly well at slowly building a brand centered around education and achievement.

Education: Why of Your Programming
I am continuously amazed at how many miss the boat on such low hanging fruit. You put a ton of time into your programming and movement selection. You pair different push pull combinations together, you think about your time domains very intently, you thoughtfully plot out your month.


You put all of this effort into what goes into your member fitness experience, and yet, so few share the why behind those choices. We all know that we are more likely to buy into something if we know the reason, so have that discussion with members on your social media. 

Why is the EMOM sixteen minutes long? What are you hoping to achieve with it? Why have chosen five reps for today’s squats? How will today’s movements help you towards your goal of looking better naked, performing better, and being healthy?

Don’t just tell that story in class, share it on your social media, blog, or however you brand on a daily basis.

Never make the assumption that “it’s obvious.” It isn’t. Nor is there any such thing as repeating something multiple times. In fact, it’s preferred. That way, you are hammering home educational value that other places are ignoring.

Treat your gym as a Fitness University around every turn.

Achievement: Member Unsung Successes
A little less Tommy hitting a 425# back squat and a little more Samantha hitting her 500th class (we are currently making the rounds on 1,000 class recognition and working our way down).

Too many gym owners make the mistake of projecting their own interests on their social media. Most gym owners are strong, experienced lifters who want to get as strong as possible in the barbell lifts or get faster at their benchmark times, and they assume that everyone is in the same boat. They aren’t.

You’re in a very small dingy and the rest of your membership is in a giant cruise line of ambivalence towards elite output.

Some fun ways you can show member recognition and engage your primary demographic.

  • Class Benchmarks – We have benchmark awards of 360, 500, 750, and 1,000 classes in the works.
  • Small Wins – Did someone go up a bell? Decrease their pull-up band assistance, improve their front squat by five pounds in a working set of 3? There are opportunities everywhere daily.
  • Miniature Transformations – The average person is not going to relate to a fifty pound weight loss. But seven pounds? You bet. Find that person and tell that story.
  • Full Length Features – This one requires a bit more time and budget, but three minute features of your members outside of the gym can be a great way to show that real people go to your gym. For more, check out our Become More Films.
  • Member of the Month – Pick two members each month and interview them.

There’s no excuse not to put out engaging content that shows your gym community and outside community what you’re about, where your values lie, and what the experience in your facility consists of. I am constantly observing other gyms and ways we can always do a better job of this, because I know these kinds of small win achievements are what speak to our primary demographic. 

Remember, there are a dozen gyms right down the road. Why do you matter?

Dave Thomas-Dave Thomas


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