“Grassroots”: Muscle Series

For those who prefer to follow a simple, effective template that focuses on building muscle. The “Grassroots” Muscle Series works because it targets a specific group of motor units in a single concentrated session, placing them under the stress of extensive volume. The body adapts to the above ordinary stress by hypertrophying (growing) the targeted fibers.

Stress = Adaptation

This approach is called German Volume Training (GVT) and is typically performed in a 10 x 10 format. Some important notes:

– If your weight is not heavy enough to see challenge at 10R, you can either exchange it (recommended) or perform 10 x 20.

– If you cannot do 10R of a movement, it is fine if you can do 6+. For example, maybe the weight is perfect for squats but too heavy for presses. To be expected. Lifting heavy at 6R will drive hypertrophy.

– You can also add pauses and squeezes to enhance the recruitment of the motor units. For example, pause and squeeze at the top of rows, bottom of overhead presses, etc.

– Rest 60″ between all sets.

Here is the program:

10 x 10 Goblet Squats

10 x 10/sd SA Row

10 x 10 RKB Swings
Use a DB if you don’t have a KB.

10 x 10 Overhead Press
Hold the KB or DB with two hands and press overhead.

10 x 5 Goblet Squats @ 3131 Tempo

There are two squat days. Since you presumably only have one heavy weight, the Friday session is to make the load feel heavier to your body so that you can continue to drive adaptation at the same weight for a few weeks.

Alternative Substitutions:
For individual need or preference you can substitute any days with the following.

10 x 10 Goblet Reverse Lunges

10 x 10/sd SA Floor Press

10 x 10 SA Hanging Side Lunges

10 x 10 2-Handed Curls
–Hold the KB by the horns or DB with one hand on each side.

Go forth and grow.

Find the “Grassroots” Strength Series, here.