Nice work with the Olympic Complex yesterday for those who made it to class!  Putting together all four of those larger exercises was very well done all around.

** As a quick reminder, tomorrow is SUP Friday so make you sign up or wait another two weeks!**

Today’s is a superset workout where you get to pick your own set and rep combinations.

Here’s how it works…you will complete the top supserset first.  All 80 reps of each exercise.  How you break down the combination of reps and order of exercises is up to you.  So you might do 15 kettlebell swings, then 20 heel kicks and then 25 lunges.  Or, maybe you do 20/20/20 across the board until you are done.  It’s up to you.  Just count your reps until you hit 80 and then move onto the next superset where it’s the same format.

Today’s Bay Boot Camp.