Good Now > Perfect Later

Legendary American military commander General Patton once said that a good plan now is better than a perfect plan next week. So many of us have great intentions that are slowed by self doubt, and great ideas that are crippled by the false idea that for an idea to be successful, it must be perfect. We wait and we wait for timing to be just right, that we spend so much time on the sidelines the game ends before we decide to step foot on the field.

Consider a few things. First, the perfect time doesn’t exist. It’s a myth made up by your brain to forgive you for not getting started now. Two, the outcome you seek is not going to be perfect, so why would you wait for a perfect time to start?

We waste so much time in this purgatory. You could wait until January to get in shape, or you could start now and already be down a few pounds when the new year starts. Is there something in your personal, professional, or relationship life that you seem to always be waiting on?

Go forth and start the journey. Clock’s ticking.


Friday, 11.13.20


35 Minutes:
8 Back Racked Lunge Throughs
12 SA DB Bench
8 SA DB Hang Snatch
5 Lateral Bench Jump Overs
50m Sprint + 150m Jog