Gold or Gold Plated?

Take two sets of earrings that are gold on the exterior. Both look as though they were five thousand dollars and appear shiny and elegant, yet under the surface the story is much different leading both to experience significantly different rates of decay.

You see, one set only has the appearance of excellence. One year passes. Two. Then, three. The two sets of earrings on day one now don’t look the same. One looks worn, cracked, clinging to its once polished exterior while the other looks the same as it did on day one.

This is the difference between being gold versus simply gold plated.

Gold Plated Behaviors 

  • Must work out.
  • Volume focused.
  • Multiple daily workouts.
  • Prolonged caloric restriction.
  • Fixes poor diet with increased gym intensity.
  • Believes progress is only made in the gym.
  • Views any workout where you’re not going hard AF as pointless.
  • Works very hard and largely feels like crap.
  • Ignores strength for longer, harder “cardio.”

Gold Behaviors 

  • Get to work out.
  • Productivity focused.
  • Less frequent and more focused workouts.
  • Consistent caloric intake that matches energy needs.
  • Understands the value of walking more.
  • Understands that varying intensity is more productive.
  • Works very smart and feels vibrant.
  • Incorporates strength as a foundation.

Develop habits that are not based on busy work or max effort, and don’t go chasing the notion that more always equals more.