MON: Gold or Gold Plated?

Take two sets of earrings, both gold on the exterior. Both look amazing on the babe wearing them, as though they were five thousand dollar earrings each.

However, a year passes. Two. Then three. All of the sudden, the two sets of earrings don’t look the same. One looks worn, cracked, clinging to its once polished exterior while the other looks the same as it did on day one. While I am no metallurgist, the metaphor I am trying to draw is that the difference between gold and gold plated is quite substantial despite similar exterior appearances.

Gold Plated Behaviors 

  • Activity focused.
  • 2 mediocre workouts per day.
  • Prolonged caloric restriction.
  • Fixes poor diet with increased gym intensity.
  • Views any workout where you’re not going hard AF as pointless.
  • Sees exercise only for its second order consequences.
  • Works very hard and largely feels like crap.
  • Ignores strength for longer, harder “cardio.”

Gold Behaviors 

  • Productivity focused.
  • 4 focused workouts per week.
  • Consistent caloric intake that matches energy needs.
  • Understands that varying intensity is more productive.
  • Sees exercise for its fifth, six, and seventh order consequence.
  • Works very smart and feels vibrant.
  • Incorporates strength in balance with cardio.

If there is anything I am trying to stress to you all this month, it’s that January is an excellent month to re-calibrate your fitness focus, but it is just one month and that alone is a mere blip on the radar for what it takes to make lasting changes.

Develop habits that are not based on busy work or max effort, and don’t go chasing the exterior appearance of fitness at the cost of longevity. Coming from someone who for the longest time was gold plated, don’t be the guy or gal who looks great on the outside but is cracked and ready to break on the inside.


Monday, 1.22.18

First, for Strength.
Perform 1 Snatch Complex every 3′
for 15′

Then, for Conditioning.
Complete for Time.
3/s Goblet Lunges (53#/35#)
5 Push-Ups
100m Run