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Open Gym: 3 – 4 pm at P360 Crown Point

Daily Challenge: “Domino Effect”


5×3 Hang Snatch  (Build up to heavy weight if you are proficient.  Take 5 – 7 warm up sets prior so you can maximize the 5×3 working sets)


Timed Mile

(Beginners will perform 10 x 5 @ light load, possibly DB version)

Format Notes:

  • Take your time with your pace and recovery during the snatch portion.  Think 2 – 3 minutes between sets.  Once finished, recover.  Then find your coach to begin your one mile time. Pay close attention the exact details of the mile course at each location.
  • P360 Mission Beach = Bayside Land and Back x2.  Return all the way to the starting point after your first lap, and all the way through the sliding door on your second.
  • P360 Crown Point = “Signal Ahead” Sign and Back x1. Exit the parking lot, run straight all the way around the bend until just before you reach the stoplight.  There is a giant “Signal Ahead” sign on the right.  Go to that and return.


Fat Loss/Conditioning

15 Hell Trots
500m Run

Beginners = 3 Rounds

Proficient = 4 Rounds

Format Notes:

  • Hell Trots should be performed 3 – 5 reps at a time, followed by approximately a minute to 90 seconds of rest.