Open Gym: 3 – 4 pm @ P360 Crown Point

Daily Challenge: “Drop Zone”


3rd Pull Snatches = 5 x 5 @ light weight

  • For this movement, you are performing hang snatches but you do not do so with a descent down your legs.  You simply go straight from your hips to full extension and a forced full overhead squat underneath the barbell.  The point is to teach your body to drop.  By removing the descent, we remove momentum thus placing importance on the drop.  An excellent and critical drill for those of you looking to get good at snatching.


Proficient – OH Squat 5 x 2
Everyone else, FLC circuit for 2 Rounds


Fat Loss/Conditioning: 3 Rounds as fast as you can

50 OH KB Swings
800m Run
!Beginners! – Go slow and learn the movement in clusters of 10 reps at a time.

Overhead KB Swing Tips

  • Keep your heels planted at all times.
  • Think about your lats finishing what your glutes start.  Your glutes drive the weight upward and your lats pull it the last bit of the way.
  • The bell should be weightless at its overhead point.