Track Today’s Movements

Open Gym: 3 – 4 pm at P360 Crown Point

Daily Challenge: “Jerry Springer”


Proficient – 5 x 2 Power Snatch
Beginner – 5 x 5 Hang Snatch


Proficient — 5 x 2 OH Squats


1 mile run not for time

Format Notes:

You have your choice of secondary movements, however do not perform OH squats if you are a beginner.  It is the single most difficult position to achieve due to mobility requirements on the ankles, knees, hips, back and shoulders.  Opt for the 1 mile run.

Movement Notes:

  • Power Snatch: Focus on a bit slower 1st pull off the floor and aggressively drive the bar off the hips on the 3rd pull.  Speed underneath and do not “flex” the weight out.  You must receive the barbell with elbows extended for the rep to count.  Develop slowly on snatches, folks.
  • OH Squats: Perhaps the most difficult movement in weight lifting.  Focus your gaze straight ahead.  Drive the knees WAY out and maintain 100% peak tension in your lats throughout the movement.  Move slow.


FL/Conditioning: 8 Rounds

5/s DB Snatches

8 MB Jump Slams

60′ Plank

200m Row

Movement Notes:

  • DB Snatches: Think about jumping the DB overhead and landing soft.
  • MB Jump Slams: Simply a weighted squat jump on the pick up prior to performing a MB Slam.  Make sure to reach full elbow extension!
  • Planks: Squeeze the glutes tight and lock out the knees.  Squeeze your scapulae.