Daily Challenge

“Mr. Blonde”
Format: Benchmark Challenge for Time

50:30:10 FTF Push Jerks (95#/65#)
800m Run

This is the second time we have run this Benchmark Challenge so be sure to measure against your old time, or create your baseline!


12p (MB)

5×5 Deadlift @ 75%

5×3 Quarter Squats @ 100%+

6a (CP)

8e pistols (bands)
15 tricep dips (bench)
20 butterfly situps
15 kb f. Rack squats
10 plank up pushups
20 cannonballs
12 1 leg burpees
12 cal row
200m run
(x35 min)

5:30 (MB)

5×6 Hanging hollow rock pulses
5X5 banded with pause at top
5X5 slow negatives