Daily Challenge

Daily Challenge: “Mr. Blonde”
Format: Benchmark Challenge
Tracking: Time (click P360 Virtual Whiteboard button above)

50:30:10 FTF Push Jerks (95#/65#)
800m Run

50:30:10 FTF Push Jerks (manageable weight)
800m Run

Share two to a barbell.Partner A begins on the push jerks.Partner B begins on the run.Scale down to dumbbells if it results in better output. Due to mobility limitations in front rack, or strength development that may not quite be there yet.

Log your time for next time!



…Oh, and most importantly. Maintain your integrity and that of the workout. This is about bettering yourself, not leaderboard chasing.

 Training Notes

What Are The Benefits of “For Time?”

You probably have noticed the inclusion of timed workouts the past two Fridays. The benefits of pushing yourself for time are profound.

  1. First, it gives you more measureables. If all you do is track your single barbell lifts, your training is very lopsided. Since a lot of our benchmark Friday workouts will be repeating frequently, you’ll have direct access to your progress by logging your results. The more measureables you have to track and improve, the more likely you are to succeed and reach your goals.
  2. Second, it’s about learning true max effort. Pushing at your body’s maximum allowance is not a sustainable form of daily training. But performed once per week, it is incredibly beneficial to providing your body increased stimulus to elicit results and change.
  3. Third, you’ll develop confidence. be shocked at what you find that you can do when you push yourself. That confidence then carries over into your following workouts. The better your workouts, the greater your results.
  4. Fourth, it’s about competing with yourself. Drive and competition to succeed should be at the forefront of your training goals. If you can’t dig deep enough to compete with your inner voice, your goals don’t have much hope.
Lyndsay feeling a huge sense of accomplishment after her last place finish.

The Beauty of Last Place?

Let’s look at Lyndsay’s results from last week. She finished the workout in around 20 minutes on the prescribed side of the board. Good for second to last place for the gym. 

So why is that cool and why do we consider that the best finish of the day?

You see, a time towards the bottom usually means you wavered on whether or not to do prescribed or scaled, but ultimately chose the harder route that you weren’t sure you could do👌. Pushing yourself, finding a new level and a new confidence in yourself. That’s what it’s about. Lyndsay had no idea should could 95# hang cleans for 10 rounds.  Now she does.

Wonder what she’ll find out next?

Track your progress and hold yourself accountable. Always.