Daily Challenge

“Hulk Hogan”
Format: 2-Tier

First, For Strength.
25 Minutes of Cleans or Jerks

Then, For Fat Loss & Muscle.
10 Ring Bicep Curls
5 MB Burpee Slams
4-4-4 RKB Swing Cluster
Ladder Drill (2 In 2 Out)
200m Row
(x15 Minutes)



6a (PB)

6 rounds:
10 cal row
40 Double Unders (sub 120 singles)
20 jumping MB slams
8e DB strict Press in lunge hold
10 pushups/spidermen/lateral lunge
80m Alt KB front rack carry.

12p (CP)

5×2 Hip Cleans @ 70%

30 Minutes of Open Clean & Jerk Work @ 75%

[Split Jerks]
5:30 (PB)

5×5 pvc (or nothing) split lunge work
5×5 speed splits with unloaded BB to 1 split squat
5×3 light or unloaded head drives
5×3 light or unloaded split press
5×5 split jerks w/ 2 second pause at the dip (not to exceed 50%)