Daily Challenge

Format: Giant Set

50 Hell Trots
80m Run every time you set the weight down

*You determine level of difficulty for this workout.

 There are no evening classes tonight due to our PB Grand Opening Party at 5 pm on the Deck @ PB Shore Club.


12p (CP)

3×1 Cleans @ 80%
3×1 Cleans @ 85%
3×1 Cleans @ 90%

Clean and Jerk 1’s for the time remaining.

6a (PB)

(x35 Min)

200m run (10 squat jumps every other light post)
10 burpee leg drives
20 plate k2e
10 db getups
Prisoner walk length of gym
15e lawnmower kickbacks
1 min high plank

Finisher: 3 min continuously rotating at 30′ sec plank then reverse plank