FRI: Training Movements Over Muscles

The reason that our program centers around the barbell movements is simple. They provide the greatest return on your time and energy investment. Twenty minutes spent focusing on the squat, deadlift, press, clean, snatch, row and lunge is twenty minutes spent training every muscle in your body.

On top of that energy expenditure, it also has lateral benefit in the sense that it trains the body to move as a complete unit, a sum of the parts, not isolating the parts themselves. It’s functional, and time can not be better spent in the gym. Hard line stance on that one. That’s why they make up the foundation of the program. If we want to be as literal as possible, your dollar and yorur time yields the highest return when doing those movements.

That’s not to say we don’t love a good isolation movement here and there. They are great for training weaknesses, spot building muscle, strengthening tendons and ligaments, and helping to overcome a movement or postural balance, but they are not nor ever will be on the same playing field as the big ones.

A focus on training a movement and not a muscle group is generally a productive outlook to have with your fitness.


Friday, 12.14.18

First. For Structure.
8 Chin Ups
3/s Heavy DB RDL
8 Ab Rollouts
Work for 12’

Then, For Conditioning.
6 Sandbag Squats
10 Renegade Rows
6 Wall Balls
10/6 Cal Bike / 100m Run

To Finish:
300 Plate Flutter Kicks