FRI: The World Isn’t Looking For You

Tough title, I know. No one wants to hear that, and no one certainly cares for the messenger who delivers an unsavory take like that, but the only way I convey the point I hope to make is to be direct, and unmistakable in how much I believe it to be truth.

The world is not looking for you, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be found.

Often, I feel it’s easy for us to sit back, produce good work, and think the next step is going to come ring your doorbell and say, “Here I am!” Wrapped up in bow ready for you to seize.

Unfortunately, success doesn’t work like that. You have to assert yourself, and you have to do so repeatedly. If you aren’t prepared to be your own number one fan, why would anyone else? A razor thin line exists between shameless self promoter and a confident foot forward, but unless you are comfortable planting your flag behind your beliefs, no one else will either, and you won’t get anywhere.

The world isn’t looking for you. Make yourself known.


Friday, 9.21.18

First. For Structure.
8 UH Grip BB Rows
20” MB Adductor Crush
5 Broad Jumps
20” Easy Bike Ride
Complete 5 Rounds in 20 Minutes.

Then. For Conditioning.
1 Mile Run (KOTH in PB)

PHASE 1: Row Test