FRI: The Jerry Seinfeld Effect

Jerry Seinfeld famously credits his writing success to the act of daily repetition. Days he felt creative as hell? He wrote. Days he felt he couldn’t get the fingers to type? He wrote.

It didn’t matter if it was gold or shit, regardless of creative state or time constraints, Seinfeld practiced the art of practicing.

The low hanging fruit here is that it’s a good example of how to get better at something, but taken a step further, and the Seinfeld Effect illustrates how important it is to improve our deliberation.

The daily art of practice is just as much about learning long term adherence as it is practicing its short term refinements.


Friday, 6.22.18

First, for Structure.
5/8 Ring Dips w/ IT Bias
8 Heavy RKB Swings
5/s Heavy Renegade Rows
Complete 1 set every 4′ for 16′

Then, 8′ EMOM
3 Hell Trots

Then, for 7′
Perform continuous BW Complex