FRI: The #1 Most Important Nutrition Change

Prepare your meals at home.

This simple action alone has created profound results for some of our nutritional students (some as much as 4% body fat reduction in 8 weeks).

It is so easy to let the overwhelming noisiness of the nutritional airwaves confuse your action. High carb, low carb, keto, Paleo, macros, plant-based. It’s all noise unless you have your home foundation in place.

When you make your meals at home, they beget other helpful habits. Not only will you reduce or prevent overeating, but you’ll typically use better ingredients and take more ownership over what you put into your food. When you achieve that, the world is your oyster.


Friday, 3.1.19

First. For Muscle.
8/s Elevated Split Squat
8 Tempo Side Raises (3131)
12 Paused Spiderman Crunches
*Work for 16’*

Then. For Conditioning.
w/ a partner
12 GTO + Curtsy Lunges
10 Seal Rows
12 Sumo Squats
12 Lat Pull Downs
10 Weighted Squat Jumps
150m Run

PHASE 1: 5′ Row Test (Everyone)

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