WED: Obvious Guy Lessons from Getting a Puppy

We got a puppy, and guess what? You’re not going to believe this, but we underestimated it.

Tate is our four month old rescue and we’ve had him for six days. While both Anna and I braced for all that was to be expected, talked to friends, and read all the articles, nothing really quite adequately prepared us for puppy parenthood.

Shocker. The reality is that it’s been a crash course in patience that I personally have not had to endure in many, many years. I understand that is probably arousing a bit of a chuckle from every dog owner out there, and rightfully so. Patience has absolutely never been a virtue of mine. I am impetuous and I want it now. So this has been…challenging.

To me, we can draw an obvious parallel from raising a puppy to getting any sort of result in life, and hanging with Tate and trying to teach all the puppy things has placed me right back into the position of needing to temper result expectations.

First, understanding that it’s not going to happen overnight. In fact, overnight is likely where all the shit hits the fan. Literally. I find that what I tell tons of people in the gym is the same advice we find ourselves repeating to one another. Daily progress. Little inches forward with a focus not on results, but habit creation. Gym is no different, right? Routine precedes results.

Second, understanding that positive reinforcement is likely going to get far better results than fear. When we get new members, we don’t try and instill good habits with them through fear based marketing. We try and create an arena where actions are positively reinforced, because we feel that’s how long term sustainability is created.

So, while Tate has been an amazing addition to our family and we enjoy 99% of our time with him, the 1% is where the teaching value lies.

Have patience. Create habit. Stay positive. Results will happen. Are we really all that different than any other mammals?

K, gotta go. Tate needs to poop and I am short on time.

– Dave

Wednesday, 4.11.18

Team Stations (4-5 per group):
1 min work, 1 min rest/transition
1. In-N-Out Speed Ladder + 5 Inchworms
2. 10 KB Russian Twists + 10 Hollow Leg Drops
3. 10 High Knees + 10 Lunge Jumps
4. 10 Speed Ham Curls + 5 DB Snatches
5. 80m Sprints
6. Max Plank
Complete 3 rounds for a total of 18′ on/18′ off @ high intensity

Then, to Finish.
Escalating Farmer Holds. Match rest with work
until you can no longer sustain.