FRI: Muscle-Themed PSC Days

You might have noticed in the Programming Prep from earlier this week the inclusion of a muscle-focused PSC day each week, similar to before when it was called “structure”. The only improvement we decided to make to those days, aside from the re-brand, is that each BLOCK we will focus on two main areas with our fitness:

1. The specific targeting of two muscle groups. In this BLOCK, we will be working the glutes and the back, so each Friday for the next six weeks will have movements, rep schemes, and training inclusions that are meant to develop the structure and muscle of those areas.

2. Tier 2 will typically be a longer duration, lower intensity circuit where the goal is to create more stress on those target muscles. Less concerned with a frantic pace, and more concerned with working for more time, feeling the movement, and establishing a mind-muscle connection.

As you can see, this manifests itself in the following protocol.

Glutes: Lunges (T1), Lateral DB Step Ups (T2), Single-Leg Glute Bridge (T2)
Back: Tempo Rear Delt Raises (T1), OH Grip BB Rows (T2)

The hopeful outcome on these days is that we are able to develop functional muscle in those areas while primarily supporting a body composition objective.


Friday, 2.22.19

First. For Muscle.
5/s Back Racked Fwd Lunges
8 Tempo Rear Delt Raises (3131)
*Work for 18’*

Then. For Conditioning.
5/s Lateral DB Step Ups
8 OH Grip BB Rows
8 DB Side Raises
8/s SL Glute Bridge
8 Cal Bike