FRI – Intensity 101: How to Approach IWT

Some of you more OG members might recall when we used to perform IWT workouts more often. The board, seemingly non-threatening, only asks us to perform one round of a circuit every 9 minutes, netting out to roughly two minutes of work for seven minutes of rest, a 2:7 work to rest ratio.

Hardly a challenge.

Except. Like those frozen Minute Maid orange juice tubes from childhood, what if we concentrated those efforts to a much more potent dose? What if we exert 100% intensity for those two minutes? What if we are moving at the peak threshold our body can move and we complete a bout of work that would typically take us three minutes, only we consolidate it into two? What then happens to those two minutes of work?

For example. Let’s say that 25 kettlebell swings takes the average person forty seconds, and let’s say that ten push-ups takes the average person twenty seconds. They now transition into a 400m row, already tired, and not necessarily going 100% because they have ten or twelve more minutes of the workout they must pace for, so let’s say that 400m row in a regular mixed modal workout takes the average person two minutes.

This is a total of three minutes of work.

However, in an IWT setting where we are asking you move at 100% of your physical limits, you will likely complete this work closer to two minutes. You’re performing the same amount of total work but in 33% less time. To put this into perspective, let’s say the same scenario of intensity asks you to complete a one mile run for time. If your typical one mile run takes you 7:30, then in this scenario of IWT demands consolidating your effort by a third, your new mile takes you approximately 5:00 flat.

This of course would likely not be possible because the work demand is too long. However, if we shrink this down to two minutes, we are able to push that threshold and create effort consolidation, yielding an intensity that is not possible to reach in regular 10 -15 minute tiers, or even 5 minute tiers.

Today, you’ll find out just how effective two minutes can be at developing work capacity, which will then translate to your ability to work at higher intensities in other workouts. Listen in to your coaches and how they prep the workout. Channel your focus inward today and discover what 100% actually means and how it feels.

Set a benchmark, and have fun. These days are a blast.


Friday, 12.22.17

First, for Technique.
Practice KB Swings and Push-Ups for 10 minutes w/ Coach’s Rx.

Then, for Conditioning.
Every 9 minutes, complete the following for time.
25 RKB Swings (53#/35#)
10 Push-Ups
400m Row