FRI: Introducing a Monthly New Member Class

The final Thursday of every month will be a New Member Class at 5pm at Crown Point.

  • January’s: Thursday, 1/31, 5 pm @ CP

It will be a regular PSC class open to all members, but the focus and encouragement will be towards new members in the first month signing up and taking the class with other new members.

Hopefully, it will become a great way for new faces to meet and have a coach lead the way in the experience.

-The Team

Friday, 1.11.19

First. For Structure.
6 Bench Press
10 Heavy DB Alt Sumo Rows
20”/s Low Side Plank
*Work for 16’

Then. 2×6’ AMRAP (3’ Rest between)
6 Alt DB Snatch
6 V-Ups
6 Skaters
80m Sprint
Track your 2nd AMRAP