FRI: How to Get the Most Out of Lunges

If there is one thing fitness professionals across every discipline will agree upon, it’s that loaded single leg work is among the most productive, best decisions you can make as a part of your training.

Specifically, lunges.

We have written a ton about the benefits of unilateral workbut the highlights are this:

  • Targets the glutes more than bilateral movements.
  • Strengthens stabilizers to support bilateral lifts.
  • Develops balance.
  • Improves overall strength.

In order to get the benefits of single leg work, you have to consider one very, very important aspect.

The speed of the lift, specifically in the eccentric portion (lowering to the ground). We must control our descent and feel as though our knee is kissing the ground, not slamming into it. Just a gentle peck on the lips. When you overload to the point you can’t control the movement, much of the benefit is long.

Go heavy, challenge yourself, just be in constant control of the weight.


Friday, 3.8.19

First. For Muscle.
8/s Fwd. Lunges
12 Rear Delt Raises
20”/s Low Side Plank w/leg raise
*Work for 16’*

Then. For Conditioning.
10 Supine Rows
10 DB Lateral Step Overs
10 Squat Jumps
8 Pull Ups
100m Run