FRI: Goals for Muscle-Themed PSCs

You know by now that our past two cycles have contained a muscle theme to the PSC programming, with the main goal to address the musculoskeletal system, not the nervous system.

Without getting into too much of the weeds, the days we train lower rep barbell lifts for strength target more of our nervous system. We get stronger as a result of our body being more efficient under load. Specifically, our brain communicating with our muscles (neuromuscular efficiency), not the size of our muscles (hypertrophy).

These higher rep days target more of of our muscles, but it’s not just all about getting swole. A few expected outcomes every type we have muscle themed PSC days include:

  • Development of the muscle — Yes, these days are intended to develop muscle. In this month, we are focused on our hamstrings and our shoulders.
  • Increased capacity for glycogen — The more muscle we have, the more glycogen we can store for workouts. Glycogen is our main source of fuel during short, intense training like we see in a lot of second tiers.
  • Improved acid buffering — By training more in the higher reps, we are able to buffer nitrogen out of our muscles more efficiently and increase our lactate threshold. This allows us to have better endurance and and move faster when time calls for it. Timed rows, timed runs, and benchmark workouts come to mind.
  • Injury Resistance – High rep, moderate load training is excellent for joints, tendons and ligaments and a hugely important inclusion if you cherry pick the strength days and do little else.
  • Physique and Performance Balance – If we are quad dominant or hamstring dominant, performing squats and deadlifts all the time will do little to fix that since those muscles will continue to take over. By performing movements that isolate muscle groups, we target and eliminate the imbalances that lead to plateau and injury.

Days like today are excellent for your overall health, fitness, and physique, and we love seeing so many people start to mix these into their routine. Keep it up, and enjoy the low and slow style cooking this class provides.

-The Team

Friday, 4.19.19

For Muscle and Endurance.
45’ Cap to Complete w/a Pal

Complex 1:
10 BB RDLs + 10 BB Rows
Then, 300m Run

Complex 2:
10 Close Grip Floor Press + 10 BB Rollouts
Then, 300m Run

Complex 3:
10 High Pulls + 10 BB Hip Thrusters
Then, 300m Run

Stay w/ your Pal and alternate
10:1 Bicep Curls
10:1 Banded Pull Through