FRI: “For Quality”

It always feels mildly uncomfortable to ask something to be performed “for quality.” After all, all movement should carry that focus and attention to detail regardless of the structure, pace, and setting of the workout.

However, the reality is that some days we are more concerned with load, some days we are more concerned with pace and intensity, and some days, like today, we are simply concerned with quality of movement. We want you to go slow, feel the movement, feel all points of the range of motion, and focus on your movement pattern and positioning.

On quality days, deliberate movement is key so that we ensure all muscles are activated. If we go too heavy, prime movers can overtake stabilizers in way that leaves their development behind. If we go too light and too fast, we don’t create enough stimulus to create change.

Quality is best performed at moderately challenging weight, slowly.

Build quality, and the rest of your goals will come.


Friday, 11.23.18

First, for Quality.
5/s DB Step Ups
10 Seated Band Rows
5/s Slow DB Pull Through
100m Row

Then, for Conditioning.
10:1 (Total Reps)
Push Ups
Plank Toe Touches
Squat Jumps
100m Run