FRI: Even Einstein Wasn’t Self Made

When Albert Einstein was a child, his mentor Max Talmey would have lunch with Albert every week where the two of them would read and discuss new books about science. This laid the foundation for Einstein’s curiosity and brilliant mind, and some say without the weekly interactions of Talmey, there would have never been the theory of relativity, E=Mc2, or quantum theory.

I was reading an article the other day about Gary Vaynerchuck that described him as a self-made millionaire, and it got me thinking. Is that even possible? Didn’t he launch his success because of his parent’s wine business? If that’s how he got started, how can he be self made? He was literally handed a platform from which to create?

I’m not hating on Gary Vaynerchuck, but that’s a ludicrous statement and a dangerous message to be spreading. This idea of self-made, that we are singularly responsible for our success without the influence, help, and aid of others. If you are a successful “self-made” business owner, are you not enjoying the success because of clients paying you money? Do you not have a team or a staff that contributes to the success, as well?

You know who are self made?

Lottery ticket winners. They go into a store, buy a ticket, and win millions. That’s self-made. You’re self-made if you do that. Or maybe if you go into the woods with a shovel and happen to dig up a treasure chest. That’s self-made, as well.

Humility for any success we achieve in life is only possible if we realize that we’re simply a variable to our own equation. Of course, a huge variably, and there are go-getters in the world that better control their destiny than others, but thinking that you exist in a vacuum in this world without luck, chance, and either support or opposition from people is crazy to me.

I suppose I don’t have a major purpose to this point. Maybe just that we all need to open our eyes and realize the constant influence that surrounds you, and where that influence might be taking you. Up or down.


Friday, 2.16.18

First, for Strength.
1 Hang Clean Complex @ 60-80%
6/s RDL Handoffs
Complete 1 set every 4 minutes
for 16 minutes.

Then, for Conditioning.
Plate GTO
Plyo Skaters (/sd)
Heavy Renegade Row (total)
Sit-Up Wall Balls
150m Run