FRI: Embrace Sucking

Not only do we not care if you suck at stuff we actually like it. Check that. We love it. No joke. Sucking means you have no average habits we need to break or ego that’s in the way of your learning. When we suck at something, it typically makes us eager to be better, and we love the eagerness to learn.

As a new person in the gym, we know that the common belief is that everyone in your new gym just rolled out of bed one day as amazing athletes. It’s a hilarious notion because that’s untrue on so many levels, but we tend to project onto our environment what we perceive as real.

I remember the first time Pritz and I tried to hang clean 135# in World’s Gym, we straight up couldn’t. True story. Don’t have any issue admitting that. Hell, I’ve been lifting seriously for almost ten years and I still struggle with the mechanics or certain movements.

When Coach Julianne started she was over thirty pounds heavier than she is now. It’s easy to see her weightlifting videos and assume she was a natural athlete and an expert from day one, but when she first started here she’d never picked up a barbell. She’s just slowly and steadily acquired more skill over time.

It’s natural to have many insecurities as a beginner in the gym. That’s a perfectly normal human condition. What’s not cool is allowing yourself to be so consumed by what you’re incapable of that you restrict yourself from discovering your abilities.

Never feel insecure about performing or worry at all about acquiring a skill that’s new. We’ve all been there. It will take time, and you won’t be good at first. The key is embracing it and focusing on acquiring just a little bit more skill each and every time.

All hail sucking.


Friday, 2.9.18

First, for Strength.
5 HPC @ 60-80%
5 Power Jumps
Complete 1 set every 4 minutes
for 16 minutes.

Then, complete the following PPB.
SE 5: 5′ Row