SAT: Community Workout this Sunday!

It’s that time of the weekend again, folks! Join us this Sunday, 9 am sharp with Coach Lenny. This is a great time of year to casually bring a friend who may be interested in checking out a new spot for their 2018 goals, or to simply show up and get a good Sunday sweat. Either way, you know that Coach Lenny is going to be bringing the energy, strange noises, and motivation.

9am sharp. Pacific Beach gym. See you there.

4515 Gresham St.
San Diego, CA 92109


Saturday, 1.6.18

4 x 8 min Circuits w/ a Partner

A:  8 RKB Swings + 5 Push Ups
B:  200m Run

A:  Plank
B:  200m Row

A:  Rev. Lunge L, Goblet Squat, Rev. Lunge R
B:  30” Farmer Hold

A:  4 Pull-Ups + 4 Squat Jumps
B:  4 MB Complex