FRI: “By and Large”

Dalio has a concept in his book Principles that clarified the way we attempt to educate here at this gym in a way that few have.

He stakes the claim that in general, starting with our education system, we are all way too hung up on precise quantifications, when it is that exact obsessive way of thinking that impedes our ability to be fast with decision making, and clear in communication.

I am more than happy to cherry pick that belief because one, I happen to be terrible at math and two, I personally thrive in conceptualization, not precision.

“By and large is the level at which you need to understand most things in order to make effective decisions.” – Dalio

He goes on to say that whenever someone objects to this being untrue, it is usually followed by a deep dive into the weeds of the subject matter. The exact location where clarity goes to die and unnecessary debates begin to derail what was otherwise on a straight path towards achieving the objective.

This can be applicable to you in many ways, and I won’t attempt to try and connect those dots for you. I’ll simply address the low hanging fruit of how that might apply to your fitness goals. Are you stuck in the weeds chasing precision? If so, you might want to take a step back and simplify.

The answer to your success or failures is most often in the action of simplicity, not complication.

Do less, or do more. It’s probably not anywhere in the middle.


Friday, 10.19.18

First. For Structure
8 Front Squats @60-70%
5×5” Negative KB Goblet Curls
Complete 1 set every 4′ for 16′

Then. For Conditioning.
1 DB Complex
100m Run

20”/s Low Side Plank
80m Bottom’s Up Carry