FRI: “Become More Stories” — Caitlin Brush

Since joining, Caitlin has reached both Level 2 Barbell Club and Level 2 Lean and Mean (20 pound fat loss). She has created a transformation in a number of ways for herself. Today, she shares a glimpse into it all.

Can you tell us where you’re from, age, what you do for work, how long you’ve been a member, and a little bit about yourself?  

I am 31 years old and originally from Georgia, but I’ve been in San Diego for about 4 years now.  I am a huge animal lover, and work in the animal training field, currently doing in-home dog training.  I’ve been a P360 member for a year now.  I love to travel, hike, listen to podcasts, pet all of the animals, and spend time outdoors taking advantage of the amazing San Diego weather!

What are your “highlight” results since joining?

Since joining P360, I have seen a total physical transformation, but the highlight for me is feeling like an athlete again.  I was a collegiate athlete, but when I joined, I was heavier and more out of shape than I had ever been, and through the programming here I have seen a huge change in my body composition.

I lost about 20 pounds in the first 6 months and continue to see positive changes.  And despite having done weight training in college, I’ve learned so much more about technique here than I ever knew before which has definitely contributed to massive progress in the amount of weight I can move.  Overall, the gym has given me so much confidence back!

Become More Stories Caitlin Brush

How did you hear about the gym? What did you do beforehand and what caused you to join?

I happened to walk past the Pacific Beach location a few days after moving into the neighborhood and decided I wanted to check it out.  After graduating college, I always went through spurts of running a lot or going to the gym and doing the same exercises all of the time because I didn’t know what else to do.

Before I joined, I went on a 10 month backpacking trip and didn’t really workout at all during that time.  I came back feeling the most out of shape I had ever been and was looking for a gym that could provide me workouts and new information so I wouldn’t get stuck again, and after my trial class I knew I had to join!

What was super hard for you at first? Has that changed at all now?

Burpees of course, and anything involving conditioning was so hard for me in the beginning.  Early on, I would look at the workouts and sometimes not go because I was intimidated, but I started forcing myself to go to the ones I knew would be hardest for me and eventually I got better at them.  I’m no longer intimidated by heavy conditioning workouts, I actually really enjoy them now!

What training factors do you attribute to your ongoing results?

I think being consistent with attending classes and seeking advice from coaches when I have questions has attributed greatly to my results.  I see that building muscle over the past year has helped change my entire body composition as well as the way I feel, so that keeps pushing me to be stronger.  Also, having friends and coaches who constantly push me to do more than I think I can has definitely helped me progress.

Same question, but with nutrition?

Nutrition is something I’m still learning about and trying to improve.  For the most part I just try to have everything in moderation and to eat plenty of vegetables.  Beer consumption was probably the thing that I cut down on the most in the past year, which I think has really helped to keep weight off.  I also like to meal prep regularly so that I have healthy food ready and can avoid eating out too often.

What are some tricks and tips that you used to stay motivated once you set your goals?

When I joined P360 I knew I wanted to get back in shape, get stronger, and loose weight.  To stay motivated on achieving overall success, I started setting smaller goals for myself, such as getting into some of the clubs, or participating in time challenges.  I knew if I could keep reaching these smaller goals, then I could continue to improve.

Become More Stories Caitlin Brush

Caitlin reaching Level 2 Barbell Club

I also started tracking everything I was doing in the gym (so I was super excited when the app came out!), as well as taking progress photos so that I could physically see improvement overtime, which made me want to keep working!  Also, I’ve found that taking the time to get to know the people in class has helped me stay motivated because I feel like as a group we are all invested in each others progress and its encouraging to have friends to help you work towards your goals.

What are some of the most impactful things you’ve learned here about progress?

I’ve learned that progress looks different for each person.  Coming from a competitive background, the idea was always to be THE best, however at this stage in my life, I’ve learned that I just need to be MY best, and that is very individual to me.  I’m glad I’ve found a place that encourages each person to focus on what they can do and to get better from there.  I’ve also learned that its not just physical progress that can happen here, its also mental, and that they are equally important things to focus on.

What’s the single biggest lesson you’ve learned that you’d like to pass along to others?

To actively pursue doing the things in the gym that intimidate you, because on the day when its finally feels easier you’ll know you’ve made some great progress.


Friday, 10.26.18

First. For Structure.
6 Front Squats @60-75%
5×5” Negative DB Curls
Complete 1 set every 4 min for 16 min

Then. For Conditioning.
Chin Ups
Ham Erg Curls
DB Pull Throughs (total)
80m Run
(20’ Cap)