FRI: Auditing Your Effort

It’s ridiculously easy to coast. We all do it every single day in everything that we do. Work, relationships, you name it and we hit the cruise control. I’m a big believer in coasting at times in certain aspects of life and certain relationships. It’s like a race, if you are constantly upgrading your effort levels and sprinting then you’re going to burn yourself out, or in the case of non-physical effort, you’ll drive yourself insane with the standard of “always do better.”

You’ll be like a living Chris Traeger from Parks n Rec. We only have so much time so we all must allocate energy carefully in where we want to grow and improve.

But what if time is not a variable, but a constant?

In the gym, we have a finite hour (if you come to our gym). That doesn’t change. So we don’t need to concern ourselves with time allocation if we want to improve, just time management.  It’s not about addition it’s about efficiency. Pulling the strings on our intensity levels on days where we have the opportunity for it to make real sense, like today.

The ten minutes that you have for your work block aren’t changing. What you do within those ten minutes is totally up to you.

Audit yourself today. Put your ability to be in discomfort under a microscope and see what you find.


Friday, 5.4.18

For PPB Lactate Threshold 2
10’ Heats
25 RKB Swings (53#/35#)
10 Push Ups
400m Row
*Then rest the remaining time until your heat is back up*
Record Total Time