FRI: April Community Workout This Sunday

It’s that time. Again. The first Sunday of the month means free fitness for our community.

Come join us this Sunday, 9 am sharp for our free monthly workout. Come with pals, hop in solo, it’s all good.

Where: P360 Pacific Beach
Time: 9am, sharp
Cost: $0 for non-members, no class deduction for members

See you there. And don’t forget that we’re also running our Ocean Beach soft opening. A 9a and 10a free OB community workout followed by a two hour open house and meet and greet.


Friday, 3.30.18

First, for PPB: SE3
5’ Max Pull-ups

REST 3-5 Minutes

Then, For Conditioning
2×6’ AMRAP
5 Hang Power Cleans @50%
3 OTB Burpees
100m Run
Rest 2’—
5 Push-Ups
100m Run

Max Hollow Hold/ Equal Rest