FRI: 5,000 Opportunities Per Day

The average person will take roughly 5,000 steps everyday. We can view these steps in one of two ways.

First, transportation. A simple means of getting somewhere that’s usually within our home, work, place of exercise, or neighborhood.

Or, an opportunity. We can use our 5,000 steps as an opportunity to develop better health and get connected to the ground. When we walk around in soles all day we slowly kill the muscles and brains of our feet. We mute important sensory systems, we disengage muscles up the chain, and we slowly become less human.

The real detriment with shoes is how little we engage the big toe, a seemingly unimportant part of the body when in reality it’s the guy who may just be in charge of your healthy function. The big toe supports healthy foot arches, and when we have those we those we better absorb shock and transmit force. When our arches are weak, alignment can crumble and we weaken our Jenga base.

Don’t fight against yourself progress 5,000 times every day. It adds up.


Friday, 2.2.18

First, for Structure
1 Rope Pull and Drag

1 set every 5 minutes for 20 min.

Then, complete the following for time.
30 H2H Swings
300m Run
30 Goblet Rev. Lunge
300m Run
15 Burpees
300m Run