FRI: 2018 Fall Coach Academy – Early Bird Enrollment Opens Monday

This weekend is not about teaching you the ins and outs of fitness. You already know that.

This weekend is about COACHING.

The Performance360 Coach’s Academy weekend brings you the most essential components of our coaching and programming methodology, enabling you to unlock more from your leadership pursuits.

Whether you are a seasoned coach, gym owner, just starting your coaching journey, or just plain want to learn more about what goes into fitness and program design, this weekend will drastically move the needle for you.



Friday, 9.28.18

For PPB.
Aerobic Power 3
500m Row

5/s Front Rack Rev Lunges (115#/75#)
6/3 Pull-Ups

300m Run

15 RKBS (53#/35#)
15 BW Squats

800m Run
*Record Time*