FRI: 1000th Class Medal – Darian Kimball

A huge congratulations to Darian for recently recorded her 1000th class. There has not been another member in our gym’s eight year history who has been more consistent at 6 am than Darian. In fact, of her 1,033 classes attended since 2012, over 96% of them have been at 6 am.

Now THAT is early morning dedication!

Well done, Darian, and thank you.

-The Team

Friday, 4.12.19

First. For Muscle.
10 UH Grip BB Rows
10 Nordic Hamstring Curls
5/s ½ Kneeling Arnold Press
*Work for 18’*

Then. For Conditioning.
10 Supine Rows
12 MB Plank Rollouts
10 Erg Ham Curls
12 Renegade Rows
10 RDL Power Jumps
80 FR KB Carry