Freedom Through Knowledge

Marketers and those in branding know that you don’t know shit about their product. It’s why cell phone companies, cars, food makers, and most places can make bold product claims because the know the general public lacks enough technical product knowledge to know any better. Other industries absolutely depend on this for their survival in ways that may be perfectly ethical or may not. Take car mechanics. There’s the famous Seinfeld episode where George gets sold that he needs a new “Johnson rod” on his car, a part that does not exist. While many mechanics are staples of the community and operate with pure morals, many do not. Those who don’t rely on the fact that we don’t know a damn thing about cars.

This kind of potential shady ethics is is rampant in the fitness industry. Splat points. Heart rate level bonuses. Extravagant claims of calories burned. It’s all branding used to make you think our products and services are needed more than the ones who offer the same thing down the street. Well, I’m here to tell you that most fitness is pretty much the same, and that we all sell a little different recipe than our counterparts, but not to the level that any of us claim that makes us so special.

We’re a commodity. Unpopular opinion to many of my colleagues, no doubt, but it’s why we try our best to be a place that does educate you. That does empower you beyond just what’s written on the board. Years ago, I had a person in the industry I used to respect tell me that he never tells his clients too much because he doesn’t want them to know enough to not need him. I was awe struck by this as it runs counter to every single thing I believe about running a gym and largely answered my running wonder of why he wasn’t more successful over 20 years in.

To be a place that deprives people of knowledge is to be a place that doesn’t really believe that you’re necessary. What if a mechanic shop also did a monthly class on how to change your oil? I’m guessing that would increase business, trust, and transparency, not decrease it. This is why I love and admire transparent brands.

My hopes as a business is that we stimulate enough of your curiosity to want to know more about fitness. To ask coaches questions and to make it a point to up your own knowledge. To be able to smell bullshit. In an era where so much is at our fingertips, to remain willfully ignorant with something you love is to allow branding promises to dictate your decisions.

When it comes to your body, don’t let others be in control of your beliefs. Including us.


Wednesday, 8.12.20

Bay Park & OB PSC

For 25 Minutes:
5 Renegade to Sumo Rows
12 Squat Jumps
Max Crush Curls
10 Push-Up w/ Shoulder Tap
100m DB Farmer Walk

Pacific Beach PSC

Every 90″

A: 10 RDL + 10 Renegade Row
B: 10 SA Hanging Side Lunge + 10 Kneeling Curl & Press
C: 10 Tuck Jumps + 50m Sprint + 50m Skip for Height