FRANCHISING: “How I Do I Find, Hire and Train Coaches?”

The coach-to-member experience is paramount to the success of any Performance360. It’s why years ago we decided to launch our very own Coach Academy, so that we could keep up with the natural cycle of developing and replacing coaches as folks move onto other places, careers, etc.

We also knew that if we ever wanted to really grow, we needed a system of our very own to take qualified industry coaches and make them P360 ready. An immersive, hands on application that ensured we have the right people in place through vetting pre and post hiring.

As a franchisor, we are a very active participant in helping to find and train all of our franchisee’s coaches. Here’s how we do that.

STEP 1: Hiring Promotional Content

If requested, we can help you with your ad placement, copy and creative. But aside from that, we’ll actively help you find candidates through our website and social media. To date, every franchisee who has opened has done so with a staff that to-this-date, they feel great about.

STEP 2: Interview

We are one of the only, if not the only fitness brand, who performs interviews on behalf of their franchisees. The reason that our very first position hired was John Main as Director of Coaching Development is because we wanted an A+ professional to be able to drive our coaching selection. John will help review all resumes that come into your open positions and conduct an initial remote interview to ensure any coach passes the P360 “smell test.”

All you have to do is conduct a follow-up interview to see if you like them as a person. We vet the technical skill set.

STEP 3: Offer Paperwork

We can help advise you on starting compensation and offer paperwork. While this process should always be reviewed by your own attorney, our templates are a great starting place.

STEP 4: Training & Onboarding

This is where shit gets real. We have developed our very own virtual P360 University that takes all hires through an online course with everything from core philosophies, communication techniques, movement cueing, program design, class formats, and even how to coach and convert class trials. The course is custom for Owners, Head Coaches, and Coaches and finishes with an online exam to show proof of learning retention.

STEP 5: In-Person Training

Prior to opening, John and team come out to your location to train all owners and coaches to make sure that no stone is left unturned. They’ll put new coaches to the test with fault spotting, movement coaching, and proper communication and organization.

STEP 6: Automated Preparation Delivery

Once hired and once on the floor, you as the owner are not needed to get your coaches the workout notes and instruction they need. That gets delivered automatically to them one week in advance via our proprietary Become More Technologies. Straight to their phone. Complete with notes, workout video links, movement cues and class organizational guidelines.

It’s legit.

STEP 7: Ongoing Development and Mentorship

John communicates with all coaches on an ongoing basis across our entire P360 ecosystem. Preparing them with coaching thoughts, helpful videos, and proactive guidance to help coaches navigate all sorts of P360 member experiences.

Straight up, there is not a more immersive and hands on fitness brand with their coaches than Performance360. It’s our lifeblood, and we treat it as such.

As a franchisee owner you can rest assured knowing that we take this part incredibly seriously and will ensure that you have coaches you love who are well trained, professional, and well prepared for a Performance360 experience.

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