Form Habits, Not “Motivation”

I’ve never been a particularly motivated individual when it comes to the gym and I don’t believe that most people who achieve success in the gym are necessarily “highly motivated.” I think people have varying degrees of desire to do something that is often created intrinsically out of personal drive, or extrinsically through wanting to look like someone we saw on social media, for example. It’s why motivation is a poor foundation to rely upon for any goals that you have. It’s transient and ever changing, sometimes based on different moods we have from the morning to the evening of the very same day.

I think that successful people in the gym are really just excellent habit creators. At some point, they had their unique level of motivation that they parlayed into forming habits around that initial motivation. Maybe initially they wanted to lose ten pounds so they started going to the gym everyday after work. Maybe they reached that goal, maybe they didn’t, but the habit was formed and habits are hard to break so they are far more likely to continue onward with their journey.

Goals are outstanding to have. Set them, strive for them. But the better weapon is habit creation. Establish that, and goals are cake.


Wednesday, 10.7.20


16 Bulgarian Split Squat
6 Pull-Ups
10 Bent Over High Pull
(x20 Min)

5 Hell Trots
150m Run
(x15 Min)