First, WOW was yesterday a great member day.  You know it’s a good day when you have to sprint over to get the FlipCam four separate times because people are casually breaking their own previous best in many different exercises.  Some quick squat recognition from yesterday.

  • Alex V. crushing her previous squat best by squatting 115 pounds for 15 reps!
  • Laura S. following suit and squatting 105 pounds for 10 reps!
  • Briana R. went up to 55 pounds for 15 reps and crushed it quite easily.
  • Tyler C. was up to 165 on his squat reps.  Not sure if that was a PR but they were performed quite easily with good range of motion.


Remember, ladies.  Don’t be afraid of going up in weight.  It will get you stronger and allow you to do faster, higher volume of reps which will do wonders for your fat loss and toning goals, not to mention you’ll be able to put your boyfriend in a very tight headlock.

Today’s workout is a good combination of supersets and circuit.  Basically, we are taking a lot of our normal superset compound exercises and putting them in timed, circuit format.  Five times through and the weight is completely adjustable.  We’ll have guys and girls stations for deadlifts so that the weight is completely custom for your individual goal.

Today’s Surf n’ Turf Boot Camp…