I cannot believe it has been eight months since we first opened doors at Performance360.  It has been a combination of extremely fun, nerve wracking, exciting, stressful but most off all we feel genuinely privileged to have the group of members we currently have at the gym.

I think you know Pritz and I well enough at this point.  We are not exactly shmoozers or bullshitters and I can say with no ulterior motive that we’ve come to get to know each and every one of you and are honestly lucky to have you guys training with us.  If you guys reciprocate that towards us in just a small amount then our project has been worth it.

There is no way I am going to get everything in this newsletter but here are some accomplishments I am most proud if in 2011, in no particular order.

Increasing your strength while losing weight is not hard to do.  It happens to everyone the first time they get off their ass. HOWEVER…substantially increasing your strength to elite levels while losing massive amounts of weight for folks not categorized as ‘obese’ is not easy to do.  At all.

Jason Weber dropping 22 pounds while simultaneously seeing his deadlift three inches away from 500#.

Dee Nipper loosing 40 pounds while maintaining a deadlift of 205#…at age 52.

Carol Parma loosing 30 pounds and being one of the strongest women in the entire gym…at age 50+.

Alex Vekich going from nervous Nancy first time weight trainer to full on embracing the culture and establishing herself as one of the most physically capable members we have.

Jen Gordon losing close to 30 pounds and counting and showing absolutely no fear as a complete first timer.  She is a genuine inspiration to the gym and to Pritz and I personally.

Yash Norhashemi increasing his strength 75-200% across all major lifts.

Ashley Blanton lose roughly 15 pounds and increase her strength 75% and counting, while completely embracing what we’re doing…at least INSIDE the gym 🙂

Andrew Dallman improving just about everything you can improve from strength to body composition and doing it as one of the most consistent members of 2011.

I’ve certainly left off many of you who have made some huge gains, and don’t think we haven’t noticed.  Keep up the outstanding work all around and we are pumped to see what happens with everyone’s results in 2012.

“Beat the Soft”

There are only four more days left to the “Beat the Soft” Holiday Challenge and we’ll soon be crowning the champion and winner of the $300 cash jackpot.

While we expect these figures to change this week drastically based off how naughty or nice people were over the holidays, here are the current leaders.


  1. (M) Chris Sieberkrob – 48%
  2. (F) Chrissy Perrenoud – 76%


Fat Loss

  1. (M) Jon Mesic/Robbie Davis – 3#
  2. (F) Jess Eystad – 10#


Percentage Fat Loss

  1. (M) Jon Mesic – 2%
  2. (F) Jess Eystad – 6%


There is still time left this week to get your name into that $300 lottery!

$100 Referral Contest

Here are the current standings with five days left to increase your tallies!  You get 1 point if you bring a friend with you and an additional 5 points if they join.

Member Shout Outs

Here are some long overdue member shout outs from the past two weeks.  These are very impressive across the board.

January Facebook Contest

As a heads up, we will be running back the Facebook contest that we ran a few months ago in which 17 of you received discounts for helping us.  We’ll be tweaking it slightly and adding a few different categories but just wanted to give you guys a bit of notice.  Let’s make it a big win and all help each other out.  You help the gym grow and we hook up a discount for doing so.

Thank you all for a great first eight months.

Yoga Now Included!

We’ve polled feedback and decided to include yoga in ALL P360 memberships at no additional cost.  If you are on a plan that is billing you extra for it, please let us know and we will adjust you accordingly.  We want people to do yoga not as a profit machine but because we genuinely think it will benefit you and this was the best way for us to do it.

Thank you all for a great first eight months.


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