Filling Up The Treasure Chest

A very common question we get from you guys is which days to come to, how often, etc. when it comes to goal setting for a given month like October where we have some possible goals that you can achieve (back squat, bench press, pull-ups, and a conditioning baseline). Many of our hard charging folks often fall into the trap of trying to do all the things when it really doesn’t work like that. An approach with that as the foundation is basically the gym version of FOMO, and it’s not a great recipe for long term success. While you might become proficient at everything, you’d likely not really achieve anything, and you’d likely be in a perpetual state of not feeling all that great from all of the overuse you’d endure coming in there six times per week. I’ve been there, it’s not super fun.

Instead of feeling rushed to achieve everything we offer over four weeks, I’d like for you to think about getting good at everything on a macro scale, and not a micro scale. What I mean is, expect to get good at “all the things” over many months, not every cycle. Use the macro year to improve at different capacities, not the micro month or week. Not only is it impossible to excel at everything in a condensed recovery window, but you’ll feel like a dog chasing her tail doing so.

So, now that we see some structure to the cycles working its way back into the training thanks to some operational stability, understand that the idea is not for you to achieve everything, but to pick maybe one or two that matter to you and focus on that.

Methodically accumulate little wins every month, don’t try to fill up a treasure chest.


Monday, 10.12.20


10 Back Squats
12 Piston Press
(x20 Min)

Ascending Ladder
Plyo Skaters (per side)
Half Burpees
RKB Swings
(x10 Min)