Hey, guys.  Another great month of suggestions from you all and we’ll do our best to answer them all right here.  As always, the only way we operate is open door.  Some suggestions made the cut, some didn’t and remember it’s nothing personal if we choose not to implement your idea.


Yes, We’re Adding!

Diverse Jump Rope Sizes

Done, already ordered and hanging on the rack.   Short, medium and tall and providing a clear labeling and organization system for you guys.   Also, many people asked what kind of jump ropes we use and we use Rx ropes but a stock handle.


Done, a couple of huge bottles by the water cooler.  G’head and get greased up!

5# Plates

Done, ordered and awaiting delivery sometime over the next couple of weeks.

Music Soundcloud

We are on Spotify under username ‘Bryan Pritz’.  You guys are more than welcome to send us songs or playlists that you would like us to add.  We have a few members who do this pretty frequently and we’re happy to accommodate.  It’s a great way to keep it updated and diverse.   Just no country.

We’ll Continue to Listen

Friday Outdoor Workouts

It seems like there is growing support for this?  As we have mentioned before, Friday outdoor classes typically have only produced a few people and in order for us to run a class time consistently in needs to average ten people.  If there is a bunch of support for this, go ahead and make it known on the board again this month.

Grass Fed Meat Delivery

Interesting.  We don’t know a whole lot about this so whomever posted it, please do some research and send it over to us if you wouldn’t mind.  If it makes sense, we have no problem organizing and doing it.  Grass fed meat = bueno.

We’re Declining, and Here’s Why

Your Personal Music Tastes

Here’s the deal with music, guys.  We have nearly 400 members, everyone likes different stuff when they are crushing themselves. Our playlist right now is about 500 songs long and about 34 hours in length.  As mentioned, we are happy to add songs you send our way so please feel free to connect with us on Spotify.   But the ‘play more this’, ‘play less that’ can go ahead and be retired permanently.   Please and thank you.

80’s Fitness Day

This is called Halloween.

Sunday Classes

Please refer to last month.  We are closed on Sunday for a few reasons, but the main is to provide you guys a mandatory rest day and to reinforce the notion that recovery is just as important as training.

More Weight Vests

We have four right now and that’s plenty.  If you wish to add resistance to your pull-ups, the easiest way to accomplish is by clamping a dumbbell between your thighs, just above your knees.  We’ve done weighted pull-ups up to 80 pounds this way and it’s quite manageable.  No need for more dedicated vests, go minimal with it.  Snag a coach next time you are on pull-ups and we can give you a few tips on making it easy.

More ____ (Insert Exercise)

Love seeing that people want to do more get-ups, sprints and things like that.  Those are awesome requests!  Some of the more unique movements are often difficult to program in a class with 20 people, and while we will certainly make every attempt to mix stuff in, we would suggest Saturday Open Gym as a good two hour window to get your extra work complete.

As always, thanks for the suggestions and ideas. To date, you guys have facilitated some great additions since we implemented the suggestion board.

The best ideas come from you guys so please continue to fire away on the board each month!