Thanks for another great month of suggestions.  As always guys, our honest feedback where we talk to you guys like people and not patronize you.

Yes, We’re Adding!

Community Give Back

This is something we have wanted to plan for a while, the trick is finding the right event and the right time.  We have called and spoken with a number of local charities including Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warrior Project, Surfrider Foundation and the Special Olympics among others.  We were thinking about planning something for December, but with the holiday season making everyone’s life a little busier, we have elected to wait until the new year.  We’ll be in touch with the event when we are fully planned.

11 am Class

Starting this upcoming Monday, we will be adding an 11 am class to the schedule to go along with the 12 noon class, Monday through Friday.

25# Med Balls

We’ll order up a couple next time we renew some equipment, which will most likely be Q1 of 2014.

Batteries for the Rower

On it!

More Healthy Recipes

On it!

Also, if it’s been a while or you’ve never seen it, make sure to grab a copy of 360Nutrition as it has a ton of recipes.  Ashley will be updating some more from her experience and we’ll work on getting more on the board.  There will be an updated recipe next week with a new month now in the works.

T-Shirt Design Contest

Awesome idea!  This comes at perfect timing since we want to do some more apparel in 2014.

We’ll See What We Can Do

Posting Workouts Online on Sunday Night

We’re going to be honest.  Not really sold on adding this work to our plate as we post the workouts in their entirety on Saturday in the gym.  So, if you REALLY want to see them early you can come in then.  If not, you have Monday first thing in the morning and you can snap a picture on your phone and have them for the full week.

If it doesn’t take too much time for us on Sunday night, we’ll try and get to it on a week by week basis.

P360 Winter Olympics in Mammonth, P360 Scouting Combine

No clue how to respond to this one, so for now they both go in the “we’ll see what we can do” section as we try to wrap our minds around such revolutionary ideas.

We’re Declining, and Here’s Why

Friday Outdoor Classes

We’ve thought about a way to make this work and it’s just not a fit at the current moment for a variety of scheduling and staffing issues.  If something changes in the future with staff availability, this will be the first thing that we add.  It’s not that we are electing to just not do it, it’s purely an issue of staffing right now.

Bigger Water Cups

What, you guys don’t like a quick shot of water?!?!

In all seriousness, the cups are small by design.  Your guys’ mind would be blown if you saw how many cups a gym of 400 members produces on a daily basis, not to mention it puts a huge dent in our wallet.  When he have to spend money on cups, it limits our ability to spend on important stuff, like requests for equipment.  Plus, it’s plain bad for the environment.  We’ve been doing a much better job at bringing our own water bottles as a gym, and if you wish to use the fountain without one you are just going to have to make due with the current cups.

It’s helped us drastically reduce waste and the amount of trash we toss in the garbage on a daily basis.

Pave the Parking Lot

The scope of this project is in the hundreds of thousands and goes through the city as it’s a public lot owned by the City of San Diego.

Hard pass.

Less Burpees

Do them and like them.

Double Under Clinic

While clinics are on the calendar for 2014, jumping rope is not among them.  Not to trivialize the movement but clinics are reserved for technique intensive movements that provide the most results.

Our Feedback to You Guys

This will be a new segment each month, where we provide information to you guys in a consolidated setting.

Andy Mauser Live @ P360 and Potluck Dinner – 11/22

This is going down on Friday, November 22nd and we are really excited about it!  Check out the full information here.

Battle of the Sexes 2 – 12/7

We are very excited to bring back the annual Battle of the Sexes competition.  We hope to see as many faces out there as possible, especially those who might be a bit hesitant.  While the day will be challenging, we promise, you can do it and you will be so glad that you did.

Thanksgiving Hours

Expect an abridged schedule the week of Thanksgiving.   We will most likely be running regularly scheduled classes Monday through Wednesday of that week, and then running Open Gym for a few hours Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  We’ll post the hours the week beforehand, but just as heads up, that’s what you can expect and then a similar process over Christmas.

As always, keep them coming.  Each month we’ve added at least three suggestions from you guys and we are excited to continue the trend.