Alaine Gordon: “How I Overcome Hear Issues” 

We thought we’d mix up the traditional member of the month post in favor of refreshing the format, and telling a better story of how individuals within our community use fitness to become more in their own way.

This month, we proudly feature Alaine.

Alaine was born with heart issues and lives in a catch twenty two. She needs fitness to keep her heart healthy, yet at the same time, she must walk the fine line of the correct dose.

She refuses to let that dictate her outcome, instead taking charge of her heart and her health, and we’re grateful to be along for the ride:

Video production by Kerry Helton of Helton Media. 

Tuesday, 2.5.19

Teams of 3 AFAP.
10 Push Jerks (95#/65#)
10 Burpees
300m Sprint

w/ your team
10 BB Floor Wipers
(x3 each)