The reason that our memberships are priced higher than a globo gym is because of all that is included with it: workout programming, professional coaching, an intimate experience where classes are always capped, a supportive community, personalized attention, and accountability. None of which exist in globo gyms.

While globo gyms are cheaper, so is their experience. Constant crowds, unavailable equipment, no coaching or workout guidance, and a meat market environment.

Our system has been proven effective since 2011, and you receive the ease of knowing that what you’re doing will produce results. All you have to do is show up.

Each day is a little bit different, but in every workout you can expect to build strength, burn calories, and learn new skills. Most days will feature what we call “two tier workouts”. The “first tier” will focus on building strength and developing the major barbell lifts. The second tier will focus on high intensity conditioning in a fast paced environment meant to build cardio and burn fat.

The result is a workout lasting 40 minutes that trains the total body and challenges it across a wide spectrum of fitness.


100%, YES. This is one of the most common questions we receive, and we can’t stress this enough: our workouts are for everyone and scaled to meet you exactly as you are. We have severely obese men and women and adaptive athletes in wheelchairs succeed, here. A little out of shape is nothin’.

There are beginner progressions for every single workout called “PHASE 1” designed to integrate you into the class while easing you into the level of difficulty. Our coaches love first timers because there are no bad habits to break, and our community is supportive since most started out just like you.

The workouts may be hard at first, they may be a little out of your initial comfort zone, but they will not be too complex for you and you 100% can do this.

60% of new members join us with little to no prior experience, and we welcome that.

All kinds. Our youngest member is 16 and our oldest member is 68. We are 54% women and 46% men. 60% of our members have zero barbell experience prior to joining. We have school teachers and Navy SEALs, full time moms and CEOs, ex-athletes and first timers, full time students and retirees, grandparents, new parents, and just about everything and everyone in between.

No, while we may look similar and share some basic crossover, we are not a CrossFit gym. We have always placed more emphasis on self improvement over class competition, accessibility and welcome for all levels, safety for a general population environment, and a culture that nurtures development rather than intimidation. This has been our DNA since 2011 and why so many everyday women and men call us their fitness home.