#9: From Pre-Launch to Open, Setting Up Your Gym or Business for Success

In our 9th episode of The Business of Lifting Weights podcast, we explore our pre-launch process and how we were able to grow from scratch to one of the top gyms in the Country in a few short years.  


  1. Funding – How much capital was needed and how we would do it differently if we were to do it again.
  2. What to spend your money on – what’s important and what’s not important.
  3. Choosing a location – Why this is the most important decision you’ll make that will make or break your success.
  4. Equipment needs – Starting small and what’s practical for your location
  5. Marketing your gym/business – what methods work and what don’t work.
  6. What to do and not do in your marketing
  7. Sales process – Why selling is a terrible idea.

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